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A Woman's Touch

In a tomb of stone rests an immortal hero, to waken in times of need and deliver the world from all evil. After 10.000 years he's bloody well getting tired of it. Jack the Hero will save the day if he absolutely must, just don't expect him to like it.

A collaborative comic with words by Skyen and art by whoever is able and willing - artistic ability optional!


Want to draw a comic? Of course you do! Here's how it works.

1. Pick a script, any script. That script will be your script to draw, and you will turn it into a comic.
2. I don't care if you're great or mediocre or crappy, I care that you try your best and create something you're proud of.
3. If you're "next", try and be done within a week or two, and if you can't, let me know so I can throw it open.
4. Anything you draw or design, those drawings and designs are YOURS. Only the concepts and words belong to me. You can post and pimp out what you draw anywhere and any way you want.
5. If someday there's three Thursdays in the same week that Hell freezes over and pigs fly, and this comic makes some money, you will be paid for your work.
6. Any questions? Message or comment and I will respond posthaste! :)

(These aren't exactly the treasures of kings, but they're something to show my appreciation within my limited budget)
1. If you draw a comic, I will put up your name in a hall of IMMORTAL HEROES everywhere I post the comic.
2. For every 3 comics you draw, I will draw you some art! Original characters or fanart or anything you like!
3. For every 5 comics you draw, I will buy you a game for $6 or less on Steam or GOG.com
4. For every 10 comics you draw I will buy you up to $15 of game(s) on Steam or GOG.com

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